IMG_0168Microwave Radio installation is a complex and specialized business. Every aspect of an installation must be done properly for a system to be reliable. A single misconfigured radio, loose connector, unsecured cable or mis-aligned antenna will eventually cause a radio link to fail. At WDS our installation teams and project managers have years of experience and have completed hundreds of installs.

WDS is recognized across the industry for our professional workmanship. Our technicians have mastered every phase of the process including coaxial cable termination; to R56 certified grounding; to radio programming; to network integration. At Wireless Data Systems, we pride ourselves on the details of the job. Clean cable management and racks, tested battery systems, properly programmed network routers and properly engineered and preconfigured radio links that come in at the calculated RSL values are hallmarks of a WDS installation. Our certified installers are fully insured and safety minded.

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