Site Surveys

At Wireless Data Systems we know the value of doing the job right the first time. No part of a wireless installation or network design is more critical than doing a proper Site Survey. Many costly and time consuming mistakes could have easily been avoided if this essential step had not been skipped, or done improperly.

As an added benefit of the survey work, our quotes for equipment and installation are extremely accurate because we have seen the installation sites and paths. Often extra days of install time can be avoided because the proper equipment and tools are on-site and ready.

WDS offers Site Survey services as part of a network design or as a stand alone service prior to companies putting out a bid or RFQ. Our qualified professional engineers have many years of wireless experience and know the critical items and conditions to look for and avoid. Documentation, photographs, and a complete report are provided as a deliverable. Don’t just hope that it will work, have a Site Survey done and know for sure.



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