As the world’s #1 wireless backhaul specialist, Ceragon Networks ensures that mobile and fixed-line carriers as well as private network operators have the cost-effective transmission capacity to deliver the voice and premium data services on which we all rely.Ceragon’s FibeAir high-capacity carrier-grade wireless backhaul product series combines TDM with Ethernet to provide smooth evolution to advanced, packet-based radio performance. Facilitating cost effective, risk-free migration to IP/Ethernet, it can be integrated in any TDM, hybrid or pure IP/Ethernet network delivering the highest capacity solutions according to evolving network requirements.

FibeAir IP-20 Family

Any radio technology mix

• High power output in 6-11 GHz frequency bands
• Backhaul for wide range of wireless solutions from 4GHz to 86 GHz
• Packet and/or TDM traffic transport
• E1/FE/GbE/STM-1 interfaces

Multi-gigabits of radio capacity with high spectral efficiency

• QPSK–2048QAM with full range of hitless and errorless Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)
• Up to 1Gbps radio throughput
• Up to 30% more capacity using innovative Header De-duplication

Easy to install, high reliability

• Fixed design, simple planning and installation
• Low power consumption with convection cooling
• High MTBF (low component count, no fans)

Common OS and software defined engine simplifies network modernization

• Powered by programmable networking processor future-proofing CAPEX investment
• Unified operating system (CeraOS) across entire FibeAir IP-20 platform
• MPLS-TP and SDN-ready

High service granularity enables rollout of new business models

• Service Assurance for strict SLAs utilizing Hierarchical QoS (H-QoS)
• Integrated Carrier Ethernet switching, MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliant, MPLS-TP-ready
• Carrier-grade service resiliency (G.8032, MSTP)
• ITU-T Y.1731 performance management – MEF 35
• High resiliency to bursty LTE/LTE-A traffic using ultra-deep buffers


Ceragon Brochure FibeAir IP-10C ETSI

Ceragon Brochure FibeAir IP-10E Series

Ceragon FibeAir IP-20C HP ETSI Rev-1-0

Ceragon FibeAir IP-20G ETSI Rev-1-0




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