Trilliant / SkyPilot

The Trilliant Platform is a communications platform built for the Smart Grid. Utilities worldwide have recognized that a single communication technology will not address all of their Smart Grid needs: broadband may be needed for low-latency applications like distribution automation, and cellular AMI may be needed for targeted deployments. Trilliant has integrated market-leading technology – broadband mesh, RF mesh AMI, cellular AMI, and others – into a common platform. Trilliant’s unified, multi-technology platform gives utilities the simplicity of one platform with the flexibility of multiple technologies, built with open standards and with broad industry support – providing utilities a low-risk path towards the Smart Grid.SkyPilot Gateways are carrier-class base stations that provide the robust backhaul for wireless broadband mesh network. Gateways have integrated multi-hop networking capabilities that deliver dynamic routing and self-healing along with outstanding scalability. These devices are also available in a DualBand model, providing an integrated 802.11b/g Wi-Fi access point that allows for simultaneous wireless client access without interrupting backhaul communications. SkyPilot Gateway SeriesSkyPilot Gateway Series
SkyPilot Extender SeriesSkyPilot Extender Series
SkyPilot Connector CPE SeriesSkyPilot Connector CPE Series
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