• Site Surveys
  • Drone Surveys
  • Tower Mapping
  • Path Engineering & System Design
  • Network Engineering
  • Tower Construction
  • Project Management
  • Equipment Sales
  • Installation
  • Monitoring

Site Surveys

No part of a wireless installation or network design is more critical than doing a proper Site Survey. As an added benefit of the survey work, our quotes for equipment and installation are extremely accurate because we have seen the installation sites and paths.  Our staff has many years of wireless experience and know the critical items and conditions to look for and avoid. Documentation, photographs, and a complete RF path report are included in the survey.

Drone Services/ Tower Mappings

WDS also uses drones as part of our Survey process. Drones provide a cost savings and a safety advantage by not requiring a tower crew to survey and map a tower. Using a drone, a survey can be done in minutes where it may take a human hours.

Path Engineering and System Design

WDS offers professional path engineering services for all types of wireless networks. Whether you are planning to utilize licensed or unlicensed equipment, Point-to-Point links, Point-to-Multipoint coverage, or a mobile mesh network, WDS can make sure that your deployment goes smoothly. Our designs can be used to replace outdated Telco solutions, provide high-speed internet access and connections, network redundancy, video security, bypass difficult network extensions or provide rapid deployment for mission critical or emergency situations.

Network Engineering

If your network requires high throughput capacity, low latency, or redundancy, we have the experience and a full understanding of the equipment capabilities that allow us to design and engineer a customized reliable solution. WDS offers a complete portfolio of design options to meet your business and network needs.

Tower Construction

When no existing infrastructure is available, WDS offers complete turn-key tower construction. From choosing a site, tower type, excavation, foundation work, and stacking the steel, Wireless Data Systems will be there every step of the way. Let our certified and experienced installers help bring your project in on-time and budget.

Project Management

As part of our Turn-Key offering, WDS provides experienced Project Management for planning, organizing, initiating, and controlling resources to achieve customer project goals. Each project is designed and managed to produce a unique product, service or solution. Our goal is to provide a value-added solution, while meeting the scope, time, quality and budget of our clients.

Equipment Sales

At WDS, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and manufacturer certifications with a wide variety of equipment. This knowledge allows us to recommend the proper solution for the job. With our experience, we can help you choose the proper equipment for your project. Our portfolio of partners allows us to offer industry leading radios, antennas, towers, routers, networking products and accessories.  Contact us to discuss your project and let us show you several equipment options for your project.

Installation Services

Microwave Radio installation is a complex and specialized business. Every aspect of an installation must be done properly for a system to be reliable. At WDS, our installation teams and project managers have years of experience and have completed hundreds of installs. WDS is recognized across the industry for our professional workmanship. Our certified installers are fully insured and safety focused.


Many customers have a limited IT staff.  WDS offers system monitoring and support to assist our clients with maintaining network health.  Our monitoring service can include radios, network equipment, and network security.  Our monitoring is customized to the client’s needs and budget.